Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Back a brief or not so brief over view of the Weaver Summer!

Well I didn't plan on taking the summer off! I didn't plan on many things that happened this summer! But they did! Some were good and some were not which has been the reason I have been so busy and just needed to take a break! I think I am finally feeling up to getting back into life though...Sometimes we just need a kick in the pants! So here is a run down as you know the end of May was very eventful (always is!) for our family Bridget turned 12 and is now in young women's at church! She has been able to go to the Temple and do work there, which I think is one her favorite things about being 12! Jeff turned 22 and is still working at Raley's he has been busy at work and trying to decide on a career path or school path...he is still dating Casey and we love her and like having her closer to us. In June Bridget had a promotion ceremony from Crescent school because it only goes to fifth grade, at the time with budget cuts we weren't sure where she would start school this year! Quinn and Bridget both performed in the Talent Show and Band Recital at the end of the year. We planted a garden and got some honeydew and watermelons maybe pumpkins! we have been working on getting a sprinkler system and lawn in our big backyard but that is a process! In June we took a trip to Utah and did some fun site seeing (Kelly had to work one day and that paid for most of the trip!) Unfortunately we were driving through West Jordan and a car pulled out in front of us on a major street and totalled our Honda on June 23rd...It began the start of the unexpected during the summer! We have all been to a chiropractor with various knee, back, neck pains but are getting to feel a lot better. Hopefully this will all be over with in the coming year and we will be getting a new family car! We did buy a used Buick for now which is a nice car and will be good for Bridget and Quinn when they need a car! When we got back from our first Utah trip we did have to go get a car, go spend a week at Cub Scout Day Camp! And a fun fourth at my sister Kathleen's new house! Quinn also spent a fun week at Art camp. We did some other fun things like the Exploritorium and Lawrence Hall of Science during the summer and then we went to see the Telescopes at night at Chabot with Diana and Nadja which was really fun! By August we found out that Bridget would be here at our local elementary school and Quinn and I decided to say goodbye to Crescent and for him to move there also, this puts Quinn and Bridget on he same schedule! SO before school started Kelly's dad came out and drove back with me and the kids to Utah to visit with Kelly's Oma and his cousins son Fabian, we had a good visit and did some more site seeing and spent a really fun day at Lagoon! Quinn is happy to have a new German pen pal! when we got back it was time to get ready for school, Bridget is in sixth grade and got the teacher that we hoped she would. Quinlan was originally placed in a a class that wasn't working for him but after a couple of days he was offered a place in a Gate Class (Advanced Placement) and he has loved it, he loves a good challenge! They both started back at Piano lessons with Sister Adam's and both stated advanced band this last week and love it, I am not sure if I love to hear all of the practicing! Especially Quinn's sax! Bridget spent the last few weeks practicing and performing in a Road show (they did a spoof of Beauty and the Beast) for church and had a lot of fun with that! I am not working yet but have been looking for a new job and hoping to get something early morning so I can still be a taxi in the afternoon! Lastly Quinn received his Arrow of Light! His last big cub scouting award from his Cub Master (Kelly) and his Den Leader (Jeff) in January Quinn will be a boy scout...Wow I can't believe how fast life goes by, and the small stuff like losing a car really just doesn't matter! Tomorrow would have been my daddy's 83rd birthday I miss him just as much today as I did 3 years ago! But I know if I am faithful and endure till the end we will be together forever someday! Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

WOW Where Did May go!

So I decided I can't wait a month between posts because I have just too! Much to share! It has been crazy of course we moved etc. since my last post! But I have so much to share! Today we spoke in our new ward it was really wonderful and I now feel like I belong! My children have been so busy which means I have been too! Jeff turned 22 on May 23rd he went to Magic Mountain on his birthday and rode the new terminator roller coaster, he was with the first group of riders, they actually arrived at the park 4.5 hours before the opening just to ride it first! He has been busy with work and school and finals. He gave probably what I would say is his best talk in sacrament meeting today! I was proud to be his mom!Bridget and Quinn have been equally as busy, they had a choir performance and Quinn was part of the play that they did, of course he was great! They won as a team with two of their friends the school competition for Battle of the Books (they read 9 books over the last year and were tested on questions, including vocabulary, grammar, science and general knowledge). The win meant they were able to compete with 27 teams in the district and they came in 2nd place (by one point!) they did so great! But that is not all! Bridget won a blue ribbon in the district art show that was judged by 5 local artists! Quinn came in second place by 84 thousandths of a second! in his last pine wood derby! His car was a tech deck skate board it was awesome! He also won in the local library poetry contest! And was able to read his poem at an earth day celebration at the library! Oh yea he earned his Webelo badge and went camping with his dad and to a Webelo hike and Camporee! Whew hang on! Bridget had a birthday! She was kidnapped! by some of her knew young women's leaders since she turned 12! She also was able to go to the temple for the (sort of first time! She was there when we were sealed as a family!) Her Oma and Opa and Aunt Tracy and Uncle Jake came for her trip to the temple! It was really wonderful! That same week Bridget was selected for the PE teachers challenge day because she had done all of her PE homework for the year, she and her teammates competed against the teachers and won! She also had a Birthday party with lots of friends and we went to see the new Pixar movie UP! It was a lot of fun! So if you are wondering why I haven't blogged there you go! Add moving and unpacking a family birthday party, my sisters car accident and helping her move to her new house well there you go! But it is good to be back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Quinn by Auntie Erin's pool!
Auntie Erin wishing she had a daughter!

Kelly and Mary playing games.

Quinn walking in his sleep and finding eggs!

Bridget with her first pair of high heels!

I can't believe moving week is here! I can't believe Easter has passed. It is such a joyous holiday when we think of the true meaning of Holy Week. Yesterday at church that is what the talks were about and my friend Susanne said how glad she was to think about this week because of the news that she had received that her mom had terminal cancer, this is my friend that helped me with the loss of my mom and helped my friend Raychel and Patricia with the loss of their moms too. I hope by that service she will be prepared for the loss of her own mom and because of her knowledge of the gospel it will make it easier like it has been on me and my friends. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and we had all of my moms favorites except with my two sisters there was three of us to cook! The cousins had a great big Easter egg hunt in my sisters yard. We played lots of cribbage and pretended that dad was there by using all of his "cribbage phrases"! It was just a wonderful day to be thankful for all of our many blessings! We are so blessed to be able to move to a beautiful new house with a great big back yard and a good school for Bridget and Quinn to go too and for Jeff to be close to work too! Well I have included some Easter pics! It may be a while with the move before I blog again! Happy Spring Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A quiet Morning!

So yesterday while I was keeping busy I was trying not to think about the date! But it was my friends birthday and other things were going on, Yesterday and today are both tough days for me, today it is really personal but it was three years ago yesterday that I lost my dad. I miss him so much! I miss so many stupid and fun and wonderful things about him, from his cologne to the way he jingled his change in his pockets or how he ran! or how he said Hello! I can not wait to see him again and I am really really thankful that I will see him again and that I know that! He was a wonderful man and a great daddy and I will always be thankful I was his first daughter and for the love he gave me. Today is a more personal thing but it has to do with being a mom, perhaps the most rewarding and hardest thing I have ever or will ever do! But I am thankful for my children and I am thankful for lessons learned even the really tough lessons! After all we are all called to serve our father and sometimes we have to do it the hard way just as our own children do too!